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Your car undamaged less than 12 hours!

You don’t. want your car to lose value and have a worn-out appearance.

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is a highly efficient and innovative service for removing dents from vehicles without the need for repainting.

It is a technique that uses special tools and specialized skills to massage the vehicle’s panel, eliminating the dent precisely and without damaging the original paint.


Our Dent Repair Services

Restoring Your Vehicle's Flawless Finish with Precision Dent Repair
Precision Dent Repair: Experience the Excellence of Paintless Dent Removal for Small Dents. .

START AT: $180.00

Removes tennis ball-sized dents in a matter of hours with the amazing PDR technique..

START AT: $300.00

Experts in PDR Skillfully Restore Bodyline Car Dents, Ensuring Impeccable Results..

START AT: $350.00

Paintless Bumper Repair:
Fast and Preserving the Originality of the Car with Fast, & Cost-Effective PDR Technique!

START AT: $180.00

Fix Dents the Size of a Basketball or Larger! Collision Repair Experts Solve Damage Caused by Accidents with Cars or Objects.

START AT: $600.00

Revive Your Car's Appearance: Experience the Difference with Our Professional Paint Scratch Removal Services.

START AT: $800.00


Customer Testimonials

Real Stories, Guaranteed Satisfaction: Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

ivan karamanov
ivan karamanov
This is the most professional shop i have seen lately. Everything was perfect. Leo was on time. His professional eyes saw some problems i didn’t see. He fixed everything and i couldn’t say i had a problem. Again very professional work. I am impressed and recommend him to everyone.
Called Arrow PDR and was able take me in that same day for a small rear quarter panel dent on my BMW. The dent was not assessable from behind but Leo managed to patiently massage the dent out with an elaborate glue dent puller system and various other PDR tools. No more trace of a dent!!! I would HIGHLY recommend Arrow Dent Repair.
Netto Santos
Netto Santos
I had an amazing experience with Arrow Dent Repair! My pickup truck had damage to the rear and I was worried about having to take it to a shop and spend a lot of money. But then I discovered Arrow Dent Repair and I was impressed with the results! Technician Leo came to my garage and in just a few hours, he restored the rear of my pickup truck perfectly. He used advanced techniques like bonding and the use of special tools to remove the dents and leave the paint flawless. Additionally, the service was done quickly and conveniently, as I didn't have to worry about taking the vehicle to a shop and waiting for days to get it done. Leo did all the work on-site with total professionalism and skill. I am very satisfied with the result and I highly recommend Arrow Dent Repair to anyone in need of automotive repair services. Thank you, Leo, for an exceptional job!
Mitchell Mark
Mitchell Mark
* 5 Star business * I Had a dent in the crease of the passenger side door that was deep. I heard about Leo and decided to bring my car to him. He told me that he could bring the door back to new and boy was he right! Unbelievable craftsman ship Leo can perform. I will never bring my vehicles to anyone else. If you are up in the air about where to bring your vehicle, look no further and trust in arrow dent repair. You will have a relaxing experience and exceptional Results! Thank you again!
Aniket Gaikwad
Aniket Gaikwad
Service is really good and quick. There expert fixed all dents and dings in short time and in reasonable rates as compare to others in market.
Jean Jones
Jean Jones
Had a dent on the body line of my white SUV. Arrow Dent Repair removed the dent and the panel looks like new! He set up a tent to work under due to rain and had all necessary equipment and supplies. I highly recommend Arrow Dent Repair. I hope I don’t have to—but I would use Arrow again without question! —BP
Sam Miller
Sam Miller
Highly recommend! I have a very rare colored car that is almost 26 years old. I had an ugly dent and he brought it back with never knowing it was there! I'm beyond satisfied.
Ron Katz
Ron Katz
Had a couple of small dents on the rear door and Leo did a great job in removing them along with some minor scratches. Very professional and friendly. Would highly recommend them.
Bruce Goldweitz
Bruce Goldweitz
I had a dent on my front right panel and called Arrow Dent Repair and came the same day! His work and craftsmanship was excellent. Leandro takes his time and takes pride in his work. I would highly recommend Arrow Dent Repair. His pricing is excellent and is very neat and detail oriented. A very satisfied customer.

I know how it is

I fully understand how frustrating it is to look at a dent caused by a collision every day and feel annoyed and demotivated.

However, thanks to my PDR method, I can assure you that you will also have a satisfying experience. I have an extensive list of satisfied customers who testify to the quality and efficiency of my work.

Previously, they also faced the same situation, looking at their damaged cars caused by collisions daily.

But now, thanks to our intervention, they are free from this worry and feel relieved by the transformation we have made to their vehicles.

Nothing brings us more joy than seeing a satisfied and happy customer with the final result.

About me

Hello, my name is Leo and I am a certified and experienced professional in vehicle dent removal.


It is important to be cautious when hiring dent removal services at prices significantly below the market. Usually, these individuals lack the proper training or necessary experience, which can result in damage to your car’s paint.

Therefore, it is crucial to always choose a qualified, certified, and experienced professional to perform this type of work. This way, you can have the peace of mind that the service will be executed with precision, without compromising the quality of your vehicle’s paint.

Count on me to ensure quality work and preserve the integrity of your car. I am available to meet your needs


Repair Process

From Estimate to Perfection: Our Steps Lead to Excellence in Repairaliquet tortor odio nunc amet massa urna


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We will perform our service with mastery


Your car in good hands.

The certification from Arrow Dent Repair is a factor that increases our customers’ confidence in our work and sets us apart from our competitors.

With the certification, we are able to perform repairs efficiently, ensuring that the job is done correctly the first time, which saves time and money for our customers


Frequently Asked Questions

Although we strive to achieve the best possible results, it is not always possible to guarantee a perfect job, especially in cases of more severe or complex damage.

However, we guarantee that we will do our best to achieve the best possible outcome and satisfy our customers

As a dent repair company, we use specialized techniques and tools that minimize the impact on the original paint of the vehicle.

Our technicians are trained to perform repairs with care, preserving the original paint whenever possible.

However, in more severe cases of dents or situations where the paint is already damaged, touch-up or repainting may be necessary after the dent repair to ensure a satisfactory aesthetic result.

Our promise is that your car will be ready in less than 12 hours, but if the dent is too large and our tool does not have access to it, it may take a day of work, We always strive to complete the work as quickly as possible, without compromising the quality of service.

When you contact us, we can give you a more accurate estimate of the time required to complete the repair on your car.

When done by a reputable and skilled dent repair professional, dent repair should not affect your vehicle’s warranty or resale value.

In fact, a properly executed dent repair can help maintain your vehicle’s value and appearance.

  • Does not affect the original paint of the vehicle

  • Faster and less expensive than going to an auto body shop

  • Does not require sanding, filling, or painting, making the repair less invasive for the car

  • Maintains the original resale value of the vehicle

  • Using special tools, it is possible to access the back of the car panel and push the dent out

  • Can be performed on small dents, avoiding the need to replace damaged parts


There is no risk of overspray or differences in the color of the original paint

Yes, we have PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) certifications and 10 years of experience in vehicle maintenance, including work performed in auto body shops, having knowledge of vehicle assembly and disassembly correctly.

Yes, when the dent is not accessible with our tool, we try to remove the dent with glue. If the dent still offers resistance, we remove the damaged part or anything else that is obstructing the way so that the service is perfect.

Yes, our mobile dent repair service comes to you. We only request a minimum of space and an electrical power option when necessary.

Paintless Dent Repair

(PDR): Repairs small dents without affecting the original paint Uses special tools to access the back of the car panel and push the dent out Usually faster and less expensive than going to an auto body shop Does not require sanding, filling, or painting, which means that the repair is less invasive to the car and maintains the original resale value of the vehicle

Auto Body Shop:

Repairs more severe damage, including larger dents, deep scratches, and damaged parts that need to be replaced Uses sanding, filling, and painting techniques to repair damage Can take longer and be more expensive than PDR Usually requires more disassembly and reassembly of the vehicle to access the damaged area and make the appropriate repairs.

Yes, we work with all brands and vehicle models. Our dent repair services are applicable to a wide variety of car brands and models, including passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and fleet vehicles.

Our technicians have experience in dealing with different brands and vehicle models, ensuring a quality service regardless of the type of vehicle you own.

We offer a variety of payment options for the convenience of our customers. We accept bank transfers, checks, PayPal, and Apple Pay as forms of payment. These additional options provide flexibility to our customers when making payment for our dent repair services.

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